FAQ #2: Isn’t Equal Money just another name for Communism?

Many as they first come to hear about the Equal Money System are fast on the trigger to declare it as communism and as such inherently evil and to be avoided at all costs. Though in having a closer look at the principle of The Equal Money System you’ll realize and understand that it’s not at all communism.

Where communism is based upon the belief that the injustice and inequality of the world is solely based upon a specific class in society as the capitalist – as those that employ a working force – Equal Money is on the other hand based upon the realization that we’re all responsible for the mess that is here; whether you are a worker or a so called capitalist, we’ve all participated in and accepted and allowed the current system to function as it does. As such a change will not come through blame, as in attacking those ‘others’ apparently responsible, but instead through an agreement within and as the entirety of humanity – to manifest a world that is best for all.

As such – where communism is based upon blame towards the rich; Equal Money is based upon an mutual understanding between people that we’re all responsible and that only through considering everyone that is here upon this earth in our practical day-to-day life – will we be able to see a change.

What is further to be understood and noted is that The Equal Money System due to it’s foundational principle as that of Equality and Oneness – can’t and will never be a hierarchical system of abuse such as the communistic systems of China and Russia has proven to be. The Equal Money System is based upon the principle of Jesus as ‘Do unto another as you would like to be done unto Yourself’ – as such to hold the perception and picture of forced labor camps and correctional facilities in relation to the Equal Money System is completely faulty; no abuse or harm is to come to earthlings no matter what – this is the very purpose and objective of The Equal Money System.



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